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Oral Histories of the Ken Caryl Ranch


The Jefferson County Public Library and the Ken-Caryl Ranch Historical Society have partnered together to document oral history stories of the Ken-Caryl Ranch in Littleton Colorado.  The exhibit highlights oral histories from open space, property owners, developers, and local history buffs, to help maintain some history and legacy of this nearly ten square miles of Colorado ranch land. 

Featured Recordings

Bob Abbott: Family history working on the Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Dolores Ebner: Local history researcher, involved in the preservation of the Bradford-Perley House.

Dorothy and Martin Burdick: Early members of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Historical Society.

Dean Peterson: Former owner of the Ken-Caryl Manor House.

David Carruth: President of Carruth Properties, the developer tasked with the on-going upkeep and development of the Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Sean Warren: Original Open Space Manager at the Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Mark Kopatz: One of the original architectural landscape developers of Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Chris Pacetti: Original Executive Director of Ken Caryl Ranch.

Darrell Windes: Original Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District Manager.

Judy Perley Janicak, Linda Shea, and Karen Jeanne Van Gundy: James Adams Perley's descendants share family memories.

Darla L. Shaffer, Donna Ackles, and Dana Boatright: Three granddaughters of John C. Shaffer share family history.

John Holmes: Descendent of "Cap" McDannald discusses family history on Ken-Caryl.

Jane McDannald Russell, Kim McKinney, and Martha K. Rains: Three descendants of "Cap" McDannald's share memories as they tour the ranch.

North Fork Oral History Project


The North Fork Oral History Project collects oral histories and photographs of the history of Pine, Buffalo Creek and the surrounding area, including the fire department, local dairies, and cattle ranching. 

Kenneth and Joyce Betz and Richard and Sharon Chamberlain - How North Fork Valley has changed since the 1960's, and experiences in the North Fork Fire Department.

Richard Greene - North Fork Valley history.

Robert Drawe - Life in Pine, Colorado.

Toni and Jerry Fitzwater - Experiences with North Fork Fire Department and the local women's club.

Tom Wismar and John Graves - Jefferson County and North Fork Fire Departments.

Barbara Blue - Memories of Pine, Buffalo Creek, Pine Grove, and Elk Creek.

David Rainey - History and memories of life in North Fork Valley area.

Jim MahlerNorth Fork Valley, Pine Grove, Ice Skating, Ice Houses, the Pine Emporium, and Tobe's Place.

Mary Green - The J.W. Green Mercantile in Buffalo Creek, Colorado.

Warren Larson - His life in Pine, Colorado, and his Pine Emporium store.

Helen Widdifield and Marjorie Ennis McKnight - They discuss the North Fork Historic District, local artists, fish fries, Rhubarb Festivals, libraries, and more.

Merwin S. (Janie) Campbell - Memories of Buffalo Creek, Colorado.

Eleanor and Rod Newman - Their memories of Buffalo Creek.

Walter Mooney - Family history and memories of Pine Grove, Colorado.

Leo and Marianne Spradlin - Their memories of Buffalo Creek.

Larry HamiltonHis family's history and his own life in Buffalo Creek.

Larry Mizner - His memories of Pine Grove and the surrounding area.

Don and Peggy Tobin - Their memories of Buffalo Creek.

No. 25 Interurban Streetcar


For nearly 40 years, the No. 25 Interurban Streetcar served the electric rail transit system that connected Denver, Colorado with her neighboring cities Golden and Boulder.  From 1911 to 1950, Car No. 25 ran from Golden to Denver, passing through Lakewood, as one of seven cars on the passenger service. It is now the only remaining, completely intact car from the transit system that once united the Denver Metropolitan Area.

After 22 years of restoration efforts, the restored No. 25 is on both the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties and the National Register of Historic Places, and is currently located at the Denver Federal Center awaiting relocation to the future Oak Street Transit Museum. 

On August 14, 2010 and August 13, 2011, the restored No. 25 Interurban Streetcar was open to the public.  The West Corridor Historical Rail Cooperative and the Lakewood Heritage Center recorded interviews with local residents about their experiences with the electric rail system.

World War II Recollections


A turning point in American and global society, the impacts of World War II are still seen today.  Throughout the Jefferson County Public Library's Oral History Project, local residents have described what their lives were like during the war, whether they served in the armed forces or were at home supporting the war efforts.  This exhibit is a collection of those memories. 

Leroy O. Wisenberg, Jr. - Experiences at the Colorado State Home for Dependent and Neglected Children, and life during the Depression and World War II.

Scat Scatterday - World War II experiences and life in Lakewood Politics.

Barbara Reiter - Family arrival in Colorado, mother's work for the Army during World War II, and own work in Jefferson County Public Schools.

Edward J. Tipper - Memories of World War II and D-Day, as part of the "Band of Brothers" E Company 101st Airborne Division.

George Robinson - Family history and World War II experiences. 

Art Rittenhouse - Area of Colfax and Wadsworth during 1930's-1950's, and memories of military service in World War II.

Armand Sedgeley -Service in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II, and seeing Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in a USO Show.

Marvin Jack King - Service in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and meeting Bob Hope at a USO Show.

Ken Lloyd - Life in Colorado and his military service.