History of the Ken Caryl Ranch

The Jefferson County Public Library and the Ken-Caryl Ranch Historical Society have partnered together to document the history of the Ken-Caryl Ranch in Littleton Colorado.  This exhibit highlights oral histories from open space managers, property owners, developers, preservationists, and local history buffs, to help maintain the history and legacy of this nearly 10 square miles of Colorado ranch land. 

Featured Recordings

Bob Abbott: Family history working on the Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Dolores Ebner: Local history researcher, involved in the preservation of the Bradford-Perley House.

Dorothy and Martin Burdick: Preservation and Renovation of the Ken-Caryl Manor House.

Dean Peterson: Former owner of the Ken-Caryl Manor House.

David Carruth: President of Carruth Properties, the developer tasked with the on-going upkeep and development of the Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Sean Warren: Open Space Manager at the Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Mark Kopatz: One of the original developers of Ken-Caryl Ranch and Village homes as part of Terraspec.

Chris Pacetti: Ken Caryl community and zoning.

Darrell Windes: Ken-Caryl Administration.

Judy Perley Janicak, Linda Shea,  and Karen Jeanne Van Gundy: James Adams Perley's descendants discuss the Ken-Caryl Ranch and their family memories.

Darla L. Shaffer, Donna Ackles, and Dana Boatright: Shaffer family history.

John Holmes: Descendent of "Cap" McDannald discusses family history on Ken-Caryl.

Jane McDannald Russell, Kim McKinney, and Martha K. Rains: More memories from "Cap" McDannald's descendants of Ken-Caryl Ranch.


Jefferson County Public Library